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CAA unveils new awards for 2019

By Our Reporter in Sydney

CELEBRATION of African Australians NSW has released an extended explanation of the specific awards to be received by outstanding achievers at this year’s CAA Awards Dinner.

The dinner is slated for Saturday December 7 at the new Canada Bay Club in Five Docks, Sydney.

20 categories of awards are lined up for the event this year that will see four new categories unleashed.

The new categories include Volunteer of the Year Award, Motivational Speaker Award, Human Rights Activists Award and Pan Africanist Award.

“Our aim is to include as many categories as we can because there are so many African Australians out there doing well in different sectors. We try to embrace them all” Revealed Ronnie Kakaire, State Coordinator for NSW.

Nominations are open and submissions started July 1 2019.

The awards categories include:

Community Leader Award For African Australians who have shown exceptional leadership in community affairs and causes. Entrepreneurship Award For African Australian businesses or entrepreneurs who have developed businesses that serve the unique needs of African Australians or who are flourishing in the specific businesses in NSW. Community Organisation Award For community organisations that have demonstrated exceptional dedication, commitment and assistance to the African Australians.

Community Project Award For African Australians who have developed or championed initiatives, to enhance the welfare or development of their communities in NSW.

Sporting Excellence Award For African Australians who have excelled or made significant contribution or achievement in sports in NSW. Volunteer of the Year Award For African Australians who have made a mark as volunteers for a cause or causes in NSW.

Professional Excellence Award For African Australian professionals in NSW who have distinguished themselves in their employment or services.

Academic Excellence Award For African Australians who have achieved excellence in academic endeavours at any level of education in NSW. Entertainment Award For NSW based groups or individuals who have contributed in a sustained way to entertain African Australians in any art or music. Human Rights Activist Award For groups, organisations, and individuals, who have made great or outstanding contributions to the promotion, defense or respect for the human rights and other humanitarian needs of African Australians or the general public in NSW, Africa or Australia in general. Friend of Africa For residents of NSW who have built and shown strong affinity and friendship to African Australians or their communities through commitment, contribution or relationships with the communities generally or in particular sections of the communities.

Motivational Speaker Award

For any African Australian who has excelled in motivation speaking and who’s works have positively affected members of the African Australian community in NSW. Pan Africanist Award (Australia-wide Recognition)

For any African Australian who’s work aims at encouraging and strengthening bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent.

Young Talent Award

For the young African Australians (below 20 years) who have excelled in sports, innovation, arts, music, and others.

Inspirational Award

For anyone in the community whose works are an inspiration to others. This could also be because of their success stories, their work, and their projects among others.

Champion Award

For those who have excelled in more than one field.

Humanitarian Award

For anyone directly or indirectly helping to improve their lives and welfare through charities and established projects in Africa.

Nominations are being received using a very user friendly form via our website link


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