Meet our 2015 winners

Yong Talent Award 2015

Experito is a talented Sydney-based youngster whose work in visual designs won him top accolades at Kogarah High school. He has the ability to paint and draw famous Australian and African landscapes with excellent immigration and contemplation.

Community Engagement Award 2015

Born in Rwanda, Khadijah has been a youth ambassador for the African Women group since 2012. She is a mentor for the Rwandan youth group and a founding member of the African Council of Arts and Culture (ACAC).

Professional Excellence Award 2015

Kenyan-born Mutuanene is author of a book entitled 'The Weather-Proof Salesman' available at or the bookpal publishers. In the book he cites the issues newly arrived migrants face settling in any country and how to cope with them.

Promotion of African Fashion 2015

Known for her label 'Ishi Maisha’, Emma is passionate about African designs and fashion. She designs children and adult’s clothes with an African fashion touch. She has previously dressed Lisa Viola, Kenneth Tusubira, Tsehay Hawkins, Afro Kidz, Afro Moses among others.

Community Engagement Award 2015

Originally from Accra, Ghana, Afro Child a strong passion for music, a career he started at a tender age. He is one of those promising talents  to look out for in Sydney and has created his own original fusion of Afrobeat music.

Professional Excellence Award 2015

Rouz promotes African culture and designs through her African shop ‘Dress Afrique’ that she manages in Sydney. She is also one of those kind hearted African Australians who has helped new arrivals establish themselves in NSW.

Recognition Award 2015

A long time employees with STARTTS (Service for the Treatment And Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors), Jasmina has worked with various individuals, communities and groups of the African community in NSW especially those that have recently moved to Australia.

Projects in Australia

Horn of Africa Relief Development Agency is a non-government, non-sectarian and not for profit organisation which provides support and assistance to migrants from the Horn of Africa countries. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers. HARDA promotes and lobby for the needs of Horn of Africa communities with the Australian government and the Australian community in general.

Professional Excellence Award 2015

Moses is a specialist physician who was awarded a PhD by the University of Sydney for a doctoral thesis entitled “The role of Donor Specific Antibodies in Chronic Allograft Nephropathy” which studied the effects of donor antibodies in kidney transplants.

Professional Excellence Award 2015

Bertrand is a veteran broadcaster and content producer for SBS radio since 1998. He is a contributor to 3 different programs: African, French and Living Black Radio (for Indigenous and Torres Straight Island communities).

African Culture Award 2015

Ying is founder of Mitta Studio, an outlet of fashion and accessories with Ankara fabrics from Cameroon. She has been working with APAN in Douala since 2011.

Her passion has always been about community and promoting culture diversity.

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