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About Us





Celebration of African Australians NSW is a community based organisation affiliated to Celebration of African Australians Inc. Our agenda since the inception in 2012 is to provide a platform on which African Australians can be recognized and appreciated for the various contributions towards NSW through employment, sports, academics, book authorship, leadership, community engagement, volunteering, drama, music, entertainment and other forms. Every year since 2012, we host a dinner where members of the African Australian community are acknowledged for their effort and they receive awards in various categories.


The aim and objectives of Celebration of African Australians Inc. NSW is to celebrate, appreciate and showcase the numerous contributions of Africans to NSW economic growth and prosperity. Our objectives also include identifying and honouring influential African Australians in different fields and disciplines; acknowledging Australian organizations, businesses, charities and individuals that support the African community in NSW.


Celebration of African Australians Inc. was inaugurated in 2011 in South Australia. Our first National Awards ceremony  was held in 2012 at the iconic Opera House with guests converging from different states and territories. In 2013 the function was held at the historical Parliament House in Canberra, attended by various outstanding African Australians from different states. In 2014, States and Territories started hosting own awards functions and the first one for NSW was held at the Parliament House in Sydney. In 2015, the awards were hosted by Dooleys Catholic Club in Lidcombe, then Canada Bay club in 2016 and Bankstown Sports Club in 2017. Canterbury Leagues Club hosted the function in 2018.  Each year, 100s of African Australians are celebrated at the annual dinner.


    In showcasing the awards, we aim to identify role models who will serve as mentors to young African Australians; inspire and motivate African community members to utilize the vast opportunities available to them; and promote Australia as a multicultural society where all ethnic groups have a 'fair go' for opportunities and positions. Therefore, the aim of Celebration of African Australians Inc ("Celebrate") is to celebrate, appreciate and showcase the contributions of African Australians to our collective growth and prosperity. This is a flow-on from the United Nation’s proclamation of 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent.

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We strongly believe all African Australians in NSW can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can contribute towards the growth on NSW and Australia at large.


We do run other projects throughout the year. Over the years, we have run Mental Health First Aid classes for our community members, leaders workshops for existing and upcoming leaders, family day out galas and various seminars. We have held leadership seminars and conducted workshops for people with disabilities in our community.


Our Vision

Celebration of African Australians Inc. integrates the NSW multicultural and ethnic communities in all of our activities. Please visit our events page to follow our calendar.

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