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Meet our 2023 winners

Tabitha Kasule.jpg
Tabitha Kasule

Inspiration Award 2023

Born in Sydney to Ugandan parents, Tabitha is another inspiration to many youngsters in her community. She is a role model in so many ways. From her academic achievements to helping and supporting other youngsters, Tabitha is a true community champion at her age. She is also a leader in various community youths projects.

Lovemore Ndou.JPG
Lovemore Ndou

Legendary Award 2023

Lovemore N'dou is a South African-Australian solicitor and former professional boxer (1993 to 2012). He is an entrepreneur, book author and now has his eyes into South African politics. Lovemore is also known for his pro bono legal services to the African Australian community in NSW.

Felistas Owusu

Entrepreneurship Award 2023

Originally from Zimbabwe Felistas holds a Bachelor of Nursing and Masters in Forensic Mental Health. She is currently a Director of Care2u Community Services, a disability and mental health care service provider in NSW. She has been nominated for Excellence in Clinical leadership by NSW Health.

Alhaji Rakim Bangura

Entrepreneurship Award 2023

Born and raised in Freetown capital of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Alhaji is the CEO of Sydney based Lajman Shipping & Co. His business helps ship goods to Freetown at a low cost for members of his community for the last decade. He is also an established member of the wider African Australian community in NSW.

Princess Funke.jpg
Princess Funke Kehinde

Legendary Award 2023

Princess is a proud Nigerian born broadcast journalist, with many years of experience in production, presentation and news-casting. She is a producer and presenter of “BLACK RHYTHMS SHOW” on Koori Radio station 93.7 FM. She has used her voice and passion to promote the African cause in many ways.

Pacifique Ndayisaba

Community Engagement Award 2023

Originally from Burundi, Pacifique has a Bachelor of Law and a Diploma in Humanitarian studies. He works as a Community Development and Project Officer with Odyssey NSW. He is founder of MacArthur African Community Network that advocate and support youth at risk of disengagement.

Prof. Margaret Jekanyika Matanda.jpg
Prof. Margaret Matanda

Academic Excellence Award 2023

Born in Zimbabwe, Prof. Margaret holds a PhD from Monash University and MBA from West Virginia University (USA). She has been a Junior Fulbright Fellow, British Commonwealth Fellow as well as a Kellogg Fellow. She has mentored and continues to inspire many African professionals in Australia.

SydWest Multicultural Services.JPG
SydWest Multicultural Services

Sponsorship Award 2023

SydWest Multicultural Services is a leading organisation for all cultural diversity issues responding to community needs and opportunities. It offers flexible and integrated service models across the life course of refugees and migrants, supporting self-determination and empowerment.

Kylie Harkins.JPG
Kylie Harkins

Support to the Comm'ty Award 2022

Born and raised in the Bankstown area of Sydney, Kylie has found a second home in the African Australia community. For over 25 years, Kylie has been volunteering within the African Australian community mainly offering support, guidance and promotion of local and international events. 

Loise Wairimu represented.JPG
Loise Wairimu

Community Engagement Award 2022

Kenyan born Loise (Represented) is an established Nurse in NSW. She has worked with NSW health and other facilities in NSW, SA and ACT as a Nurse. Her passion in empowering fellow women is evident in community with her projects and events geared at uplifting women.

David Muchacha represented.JPG
David Muchacha

Community Engagement Award 2022

David (represented) is a young African property professionals helping everyday Australians get closer to their wealth goals through property.

With his experience in finance and mortgage, he has helped many Africans get access to more affordable properties.

Currency Baba.jpg
Currency Baba

Champion Award 2023

Osamagbe Promise Edugie, widely known as Currency Baba, stands as a trailblazer in the Australian Afro-beats music scene. Emerging in 2016 with his debut single ‘Testimony,’ Currency Baba has since captivated audiences, breaking boundaries with hits like ‘Me and You,’ which secured a spot on Apple Music’s Top 100.

Dr Vincent Ogu.JPG
Dr. Vincent Ogu

Champion Award 2022

Nigerian-born, Cambridge trained scholar and expert in housing and urban development, Vincent is an Institute Associate with Western Sydney University and Fellow, Planning Institute Australia. Dr Ogu has made contributions to community, non-government and government sectors.

Ammar Dean Diallo.JPG
Ammar Dean Diallo

Community Engagement Award 2022

Born in Guinea, Ammar is the past President of the Bantal Pullar Community in Sydney. He has played an integral part in establishing community language programs in conjunction with the Federation of Community Languages. .

William Garshon D. Debo

Champion Award 2022

Born and raised in Liberia, Will (Represented in picture above) is a professional Actor, Producer, Director, Humanitarian and Businessman. He has worked in Nollywood, ghallywood and several other countries across Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Debo's Investment Group.

Margret Mazvita Garwe

Inspiration Award  2022

Zimbabwean born Margaret (represented above) has a Bachelor of Science degree and will be completing her Juris Doctor in 2024. She is an inspiration to various youngsters in the community and has also worked with the Department of Finance, Department of Social Services, and the Attorney General. 

Ola Obollo-Fareo

Entrepreneurship Award 2021

Nigerian born Ola is the Director of  No.1 African Choice shop located in Bankstown where you can get all your home away from home products. No. 1 African Choice shop  boasts of various African merchandise. The shop also provides part time / Full time jobs for young African adults in the community.

Destiny Lyons

Young Achiever Award 2021

Ethiopian/Aussie Destiny (Represented above in picture) is the 2018 Miss Junior Diamond queen.

She is an Australian Athletics Medallist, Hip Hop Dancer Gold Champion and the 2018 Junior Parliament Member. She is also an advocate for youth trauma victims.

Hawanatu Bangura

Champion Award 2021

Hawanatu (Represented in picture above) is an Afro-Australian award-winning filmmaker and social worker. She is a self-taught filmmaker with a career spanning over a decade. She has written, produced and directed films in various genres including dance, experimental, drama, documentary and animation.

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Currency Baba.jpg

Young African Achiever 2019

Another uprising singer, songwriter and music producer who has taken over the music industry in style. Currency has produced hit songs that currently have a massive following on the YouTube. His budding profession is already glittering.

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Annastacia Wainaina.jpg

Professional Excellence 2019

She helps ignite transformation of managers into purposeful leaders. She is founder and director of Make it Happen initiative, an award winning humanitarian organization. She has a Masters in International Law. And she is author of IGNITE 

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Rwanda Community NSW.jpg

Community Service Excellence 2019

The Rwanda Community NSW is one of the most vibrant among the African communities in Australia. They are remarkable for organizing events and projects that bring their members together and also connect with members from other communities.

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Richard Nkomo.jpg
Richard Nkomo

Young Talent Award 2023

Born to Zimbabwean parents, Richard is an inspiration to other youngsters in the community. Off the pitch, Richard remains humble and grounded. His focus on continuous improvement and his dedication to his craft sets him apart as a true professional footballer in the making.

Consolata Muthee.jpg
Consolata Muthee

Humanitarian Award 2023

Born and raised in Kenya, Consoh has put her passionate about education, equity and social justice in action by establishing the HAKIKI Foundation, that supports children to complete their primary education in Kenya. HAKIKI Foundation currently supports close to 100 children in various Kenyan schools.

Mohammed Omar.jpg
Mohammed Omar

Community Leadership Award 2023

Originally from Somalia, Mohammed is the Secretary of the African Australian Football Association. He is passionate about organizing socially inclusive soccer/football tournaments for the CALD communities in Western and South-Western Sydney.

Nettie Kamanda.jpg
Nettie Kamanda

Champion Award 2023

Nettie is a vibrant and free-spirited young woman born in Liberia and raised in Australia. She is the 2018 Miss Africa winner in Canberra. Nettie  currently runs an NGO organisation in West Africa Liberia where she provides accommodation and pay fees for vulnerable children. 

Sheldon Omwamba.jpg
Sheldon Omwamba

Professional Excellence Award 2023

Sheldon (Represented above) boasts a decade of experience in the Healthcare Industry handling multiple clinical leadership roles. She has a Bachelor of Nursing and a Graduate Certificate in Dementia Care. She has also worked for Catholic Care as a Quality and Education Manager and volunteered at St John’s Ambulance.

Scolastica Musyimi.jpg
Scolastica Musyimi

Academic Excellence Award 2023

Born in Nairobi, Kenya. Scolastica is an academician with a Masters in Social Work, Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Education. She is also the Founder and current chairlady of Ausken Diaspora Sacco, an organisation that brings Kenyans in Australia together to save and Invest 

Dr Levi Osuagwu.JPG
Dr. Uchechukwu L. Osuagwu

Champion Award 2023

The Nigerian born Eye Health specialist, has research interests in epidemiology and public health. Levi holds a research Fellowship at the American Academy of Optometry, Vice Chancellor Research Support Fellowship at Western Sydney University, and currently the Academic Lead in Rural Health at Western Sydney University.

DSC05410 (2).JPG
Multicultural NSW

Sponsorship Award 2023

Multicultural NSW is a respected and well-established partner to multicultural communities across NSW. The agency is all about connecting people and communities through supporting projects, events and services. With more than 40 years’ experience, Multicultural NSW has a deep understanding community.

African Enterprise Limited.jpg
Steve Elriche

Friend of Africa Award 2022

Steve (not in picture) is the President and Director of Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association (GDSFA) and also the Chair of Auburn Sports Club. He has paid registration fees for individual players and supported them in many other ways 

Dr Josephine Okurame.JPG
Dr. Josephine C. Okurame

Champion Award 2022

Born in Nigeria, Josephine is a research project coordinator, biostatistician and Academic at the faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney. She also owns Jimani Beauty, an e-commerce beauty supply service. She has a Public Health Masters and PhD degrees from Perth and Sydney.

Alhaj Jallah.JPG
Alhaj Jallah

Volunteer of The Year Award 2022

Alhaj has been involved in community sports since 2008. He was one of the first people to start the annual NSW African Cup Football Tournament in Sydney. Mr Jallah is the current Treasurer of the African Australian Football Association- AAFA

Nez B.jpg
Nez B

Professional Excellence Award 2023

With a unique blend of AfroPop and RnB, Nez B has established himself as a rising star in the music industry. His highly anticipated Single was released with a bang to solidy his place among the icons. Nez is an inspiration to many African Australians in the music industry. 

Blessing Chionye.JPG
Blessing C. Azolibe

Entrepreneurship Award

Commonly known as Trendy B, the Nigerian born Blessing has owned the fashion industry in Australia for over a decade. “I was born to cloth the world” she says. She also designs kids from all backgrounds and has worked with various fashion icons on various platforms.

Tendayi Chivunga.JPG
Tendayi Chivunga

Champion Award 2022

Born in Zimbabwe, Tendayi is an established Lawyer  with Tee Legal firm in NSW. Dedicated to social justice and ensuring that people from all backgrounds have access to equal representation and services, Tendayi was named Valedictorian in her first year of study at the University of Newcastle. 

African Australian Football Ass.

Community Engagement Award 2022

The African Australian Football Association - AAFA addresses social issues faced by young people, particularly those from African and CALD communities using football as their central platform. The association has brought so many Africans together during the tournaments.

Jelly Brown

Young Talent Award 2022

Originally from Burundi, Jelly (represented above) is an Inspiration singer, songwriter, dancer, and music producer. He is also the CEO founder of “We Don’t Play Record”  Jelly has traveled everywhere in Australia sharing his passion for music.

Grace Wamuyu

Community Engagement Award 2021

Born in Kenya, Grace (represented in picture above) works with people who have mental health issues, providing them with various services including counselling. She has a diploma in leadership and offers structured support to people in crisis including those contemplating suicide as a result of depression and anxiety.

Judy Okan DJ CMJ

Young Achiever Award 2021

DJ CMJ (Represented above ) is a Multi-genre Dj and Cyber security specialist, Radio host & Event promoter. A passionate entertainer, Judy is recognised for her contributions to the Afrobeats scene in Australia.  She is a  double degree holder in Business Administration & Information Technology

King B Fine2.jpg

Community Engagement Award 2019

King is another African Australian who has not disappointed in the music industry as a singer, songwriter and producer. He has made his presence felt in almost every state and territory in Australia hosting big live concerts.

Consolata Muthee.jpg

Champion Award 2019

With a hat-trick of recognition, Kenyan born Consolata boasts numerous academic and social work achievements. She has a Bachelor’s of Social Work Degree (Psychology) and also boasts of numerous local and international scholarships.

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Susan Mutesi.jpg

Champion Award 2019

Ugandan born Susan is a Sydney-based Actress, Model, Fashion designer and stylist. She manages a fashion label ‘Suzan Mutesi’ which symbolizes structure and class and gives women of all body types the ability to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.

Selamawit Musgun.jpg
Selamawit Musgun

Entrepreneurship Award 2023

Selamawit is the owner of Nutrition Buzz in Bankstown. Nutrition Buzz is a healthy cafe that, in addition to bringing the community together, it provides healthy products to the African Australians fraternity. It also provides one on one nutrition plans to help keep the community healthy and fit. 

Peter Bacha.jpg
Peter Bacha

Friend of Africa Award 2023

Peter has big passion for the African community in NSW. He has been supporting African Australians Football Association for so many years, giving in his time and other resources to see the association grow and bring members of the African community closer through sports.

Nadia Bouchti.jpg
Nadia Bouchti

Professional Excellence Award 2023

Originally from Morocco, Nadia is a Community Development Officer at Western Sydney MRC. She has played a vital role in supporting people from CALD backgrounds through different projects and services. She is the Vice President for the Moroccan Sydney Association. 

Somali Australia Community.jpg
Maryan Omar

Community Leadership Award 2023

Born and bred in the horn of Africa nation of Somalia, Maryan is the current President of the vibrant Somali Australian Community Association of NSW (SACA). Maryan has brought his community together through numerous events and projects over the years of his leadership.

Sonia Sobonie Keh-Sesay.jpg
Sonia Saboine Keh-Sesay

Inspiration Award 2023

Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Sierra Leone, Sonia is a passionate individual committed to making a positive impact in the field of healthcare. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and currently works as a Clinical Nurse Facilitator, Trainer, and Assessor. 

Nicholas O.jpg
Nicholas Okoduwa

Professional Excellence Award 2023

Born in Nigeria, the Sydney based Nicholas is a gem in the photography and visual arts space. He is the face behind the beautiful photos on social media. He is a professional photographer and visual artist. Nicholas has a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and he is a movie director.

Dr. Tinashe Dune.jpg
Dr Tinashe Dune

Entrepreneurship Award 2023

Dr. Dune is the Director of Dune Health & Wellbeing, a practice that specialises in helping people to thrive, make lasting change and live full lives by providing wholistic and responsive mental health care to diverse clients. She is also an internationally renowned Associate Professor with over 150 scholarly publications.

Tabitha Kasule.jpg
Glow Healthcare Agency

Sponsorship Award 2023

Glow Healthcare Agency is founded and managed by African Australians providing allied health services, disability support services  and aged care services among others. Since its founding, the agency has been adding value to the community by providing quality services tailored to meet clients’ individual needs.  

Cynthia Achieng Juma.JPG
Cynthia J. Achieng

Community Engagement Award 2022

Born and raised in Kenya. Cythia has a strong passion working with the vulnerable and underprivileged people in the community. She uses her skills and knowledge to help members of her community in so many different ways including providing mental health support.

Donald Gahadza.JPG
Donald Gahadza

Entrepreneurship Award 2022

Born in  Zimbabwe, Donald is  the Director of ISO-Certified Care Metaz Global a  disability and Aged Care Provider. He has over time assisted other African Australians set up successful  businesses as well.

Dr Christabel Abalo.JPG
Dr. Chrisabel Abalo

Academic Excellence Award 2022

Born in Ghana, Christabel is a qualified pharmacist and a medical doctor. She is an Associate Lecturer at  the University of New South Wales. As a general practice registrar and academic researcher, she has interest in research targeted at improving migrant health literacy in Australia

Abaker Athum

Community Leadership Award 2023

Originally from South Sudan, Abaker is the current President of the African Australian Football Association (AAFA). He has used his leadership skills and passion for soccer to successfully organise the Africa World Cup tournament, attracting over 32 countries each year.

Babra Mutanda.JPG
Babra Mutanda

Academic Excellence Award 2022

Originally from Zimbabwe, Barbra has various university degrees and is a compassionate aged care nurse. She is the founder of Caring Hearts Foundation in Sierra Leone that helps orphans whose parents were affected by the deadly Ebola outbreak. 

Mary Yeboah_edited.jpg
Mary O. Yeboah

Support African Comm'ty Award 2022

Mary is an Italian Australian with a huge African heart. She has been key in promoting and uplifting the entertainment industry among African Australians in Sydney for over 2 decades. She has featured in many films and supports local schools in Sierra Leone.

Currency Baba.JPG
C-city Records

Community Engagement Award 2022

A brain child of Sydney's top music artist Currency Baba, C-city records is of the well established record labels in Australia. The business has nurtured and promoted young talent, giving African Australians a platform to start there careers in mucic.

Gamai Cooper

Young Talent Award 2022

Originally from Côte d’lvoire/Liberia, the Ivorian Bratt, (represented above) is a rapper/songwriter.  Her recent singles “Take Her Man”, and "Dummy" have hit the waves with a bang attracting lots of listeners within the African community and the wider Australia.


Dr. Charles Onjumi Okumu

Academic Excellence Award 2021

Kenyan born Charles (Represented in Picture above) is lecturer in International Business and Strategy at the University of Technology Sydney. His research and publication focus includes the Impact of Chinese Investments in Sub Saharan Africa: Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability. He hold a PHD in Management.

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Kim Kamara

Friend of Africa Award 2021

Kim (represented in picture above) is officially from Sierra Leone by marriage. She has always identified with big and small African events and projects using her social influence and that of her daughter to support and boost them. She has been a long-term supporter of the annual awards. 

Edith Nganga.jpg

Community Engagement Award 2019

Edith is one of the champions of women in NSW and has started her own company Ida Events. She engages African Australians through hosting events mainly targeting women like at the African Women's Dinner Dance.

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Alex Mutua.jpg

Humanitarian Award 2019

Fr. Alex is a co-founder of the Shukrani Foundation, a charity organisation that helps youngsters in the impoverished suburbs of Kenya to gain access to education and also participate in poverty alleviation projects.

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Dr. Nadine Shema.jpg

Champion Award 2019

Dr Nadine is Co-Founder of GLAPD Int. She is also Health Program Administrator at Westmeade Children’s Hospital and member Advisory Group on Australia-African relations at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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