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Our activities and projects run across NSW. We would like to hear from you and let us know how we can be of relevance in your region

Email: celebrateafricanaustralians@gmail.com

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This website is designed to give a platform to African Australians who have achieved something in various disciplines in NSW. We also use this space to acknowledge organisations serving the African community and also to salute charities based in Australia but with projects in Africa. Information is vetted before being published, however, we can not guarantee 100% accuracy. Please contact the specific individuals or organisations to obtain more clarification about the specific achievements or projects. The donations received are to help us run our numerous projects and also organise events that benefit the entire African Australians community in NSW.

We are a registered Not For Profit Organisation and any monies received is put back to the community though different programs, projects and events. We also work with volunteers and welcome you to join us in this noble cause.

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