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WITH the COVID-19 crisis seemingly getting under control in NSW, Celebration of African Australians has geared up the Mental Health First Aid training campaign for its members in different suburbs.

NSW State Coordinator Ronnie Kakaire has called upon more African Australians in NSW to undertake the training that is partly supported by Multicultural NSW and Celebration of African Australians Inc.

“We have been lucky to partner with Multicultural NSW to ensure we have more and more African Australians trained in Mental Health First Aid and equally blessed that many have responded to the call.” Ronnie revealed.

The training that is managed by Mental Health First Aid Australia has attracted participants from various parts of NSW who have joined in via Zoom.

The training is run in three parts. The first part involves E-learning whereby participants take approximately 5 hours in a self-paced setting.

Participants are then invited for two face to face zoom sessions where they go through the E-learning with a Mental Health First Aid Australia accredited instructor. The sessions go for 2.5 hours each on Zoom.

“I don’t regret having enrolled in this training. It is so good and very ideal for the current situation of COVID-19 were there are very many people struggling to cope.” Jemaima Ebule from New Castle said after completing her training.

“This is an eye opener, there are so many things I didn’t know about mental illness. I now feel I have the confidence to talk to someone struggling.” Nadine from Ashfield also lamented.

The sessions that started in May, have seen over 50 African Australians across NSW register to undertake the training with over 20 already completed and are now accredited Mental Health First Aiders.

The training provides participants with knowledge and skills how to help someone developing a mental illness or in a crisis situation using a simple action plan known as ALGEE.

The training will close September 30.

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