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Shukrani Home Foundation Director Receives CAA Award

Rose Muema, the Country Director for Shukrani Home Foundation was all smiles as she gracefully received the Humanitarian accolade awarded to the charity by Celebration of African Australians NSW 2018.

"The award received today from Celebration of African Australians NSW is testimony of the good work we are doing with the local communities here. This is an inspiration for us as a foundation to continue giving back to the community and ensuring that we positively change peoples lives and help in shaping their future."

Ms Muema made the remarks during the Foundation's inaugural graduation ceremony that saw students graduate in Computer Studies February 3 2019.

The award was physically received by the foundation coordinator and organising secretary Jane Kitungu while on her official tour of Australia in December 2018.

Australia based founder for the foundation Fr. Alex Mutua based in Lismore NSW, has been previously acknowledged by Celebration of African Australians NSW with a Humanitarian Award in 2017.

Together with St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Youth Group, Fr. Alex has played a pivotal role in helping the youth in Kenya through the Shukrani Foundation.

His dream and passion are based on Mathew 25:35-40.

Fr. Alex and Ms Muema have a huge resolve to give back to the community.

Jane Kitungi hands over the CAA 2018 Humanitarian Award to Shukurani Foundation Director Ms Muema in Kenya


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