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2014 - 2023 Special Award Nominations (10 Years celebrations)

2023 is our Ten Years Awards Dinner anniversary in NSW.  Nominations are open and will close on October 30 to allow vetting and communication. This will be an event like no other before.


We encourage you to nominate Africans, African Australians, Friends of Africa, organisations, charities and initiatives that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the NSW African community. For those African Australians that have been outstanding in the fields listed below, please honour them with a nomination. Successful nominees will be celebrated at the 2023 Annual Awards Dinner on Saturday 2 December 2023 in Sydney. For the first time, outstanding African Australians in other states and territories will be celebrated at this ten-year anniversary event. Get your Dinner Ticket HERE

Nominee eligibility: 

  • To qualify for all award categories except Friend of Africa, individuals must be of African descent and reside in Australia or have activities/business in NSW / Australia. Organisations, initiatives, charities must be owned or operated by people of African descent or they should be championing a cause related / linked with the African community. 

  • To qualify for the Friend of Africa Award, an individual, organisation or initiative must have a presence in NSW / Australia and support the African community in NSW / Australia or charities in Africa. 


Job and Industry-specific Awards:

1. Academic Excellence: 

Individuals who have achieved excellence in academic endeavors at high school level and beyond. Click HERE to Nominate

2. Arts and Culture:

Organisations, groups or individuals who have excelled in the arts and culture industries; such as (performing arts - Dance, Drama, Music, Comedy and Theatre), (visual arts - Painting, Drawing, Print making, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Video, Filmmaking, Design, Crafts and Architecture). Click HERE to Nominate

3. Book Authorship:

Individual African Australians who have excelled in book authorship in the last ten years in NSW, Australia or internationally. Click HERE to Nominate

4. Community Engagement, Leadership and Organisation: 

Organisations or individuals who have shown exceptional leadership in community affairs and causes (Eg, Championed women or men empowerment, promoted sports and games, organised community events or functions, etc). Click HERE to Nominate

5. Entrepreneurship: 

Individuals who have successfully established or developed businesses that provide products and services to the African Australian community and the wider community. Click HERE to Nominate

5. Professional Excellence: 

Individuals who have distinguished themselves in their specific careers. Click HERE to Nominate

6. Sports Excellence:

Individuals who have excelled or made significant contribution to sports in NSW and/or Australia at large. Click HERE to Nominate


General Awards:

A. Friend of Africa: 

Organisations or individuals who have built and shown strong affinity and friendship to the African Australian community and/or African initiatives within and outside NSW / Australia. Click HERE to Nominate

B. Humanitarian: 

Organisations or individuals who have promoted and defended human rights of the local, national or international community through humanitarian activities and initiatives. Click HERE to Nominate

C. Pan Africanist: 

Individuals who promote, encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent. Click HERE to Nominate

D. Volunteer: 

Individuals who have volunteered for a cause or causes affecting the African Australian community or the general NSW and Australian communities. Click HERE to Nominate

E. Young Talent: 

Individuals under the age of 25 showing exceptional inspiration and motivation of others in the community. Click HERE to Nominate

F. Inspirational / Influencer: 

Individuals that have positively inspired others through their works on social media and other platforms. Click HERE to Nominate

Major Awards:

1. Champion: Individuals who have excelled in more than one of the above categories. Click HERE to Nominate

2. Living Legend: Individuals who have shown outstanding and exemplary personality, leadership, organisational skills, inspiration, motivation and contribution to the African community in NSW and Australia during their lifetime. Click HERE to Nominate

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