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CAA to host inaugural Leadership workshop in Sydney

AFTER five years of recognizing outstanding African Australians in NSW, Celebration of African Australians Inc. will host two leadership workshops aimed at shaping the leaders of tomorrow in Sydney.

The workshops will be attended by role models who have previously been acknowledged and celebrated as outstanding African Australians in NSW. These will be mainly youngsters with the ability to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Berala Community Center will host the workshops on Sunday 24th March (1-5pm) and Friday 19th April (1-5pm) respectively.

"We have a lot of potential leaders among the African community and such workshops are designed to groom and prepare them on how to deal with the challenges of tomorrow," revealed Ronnie Kakaire, the CAA Coordinator for NSW.

Ronnie also said that the workshops will be attended by specific participants who will be invited to take part in the pilot scheme.

"Our aim is to identify the leaders of tomorrow, equip them with the right tools so that they can also recruit and prepare others to perform similar roles." he said.

Celebration of African Australians Inc. was founded in 2011 with the main aim of identifying and celebrating outstanding African Australians who have excelled in various fields and also contributed to the growth of NSW.

The inaugural ceremony was held at the iconic Opera house in 2012 and the next year, the function was hosted at the Canbera Parliament with 100s of African Australians from different states attending.

The annual event has been state based since 2014 with one national event every three years.


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