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Nancy Birgen for Mental Health Matters Award

Nancy talking about Mental Health issues at SBS Radio Swahili Programme (March 2019)

CELEBRATION of African Australians NSW has nominated Sydney-based Nancy Birgen for the Mental Health Matters Award in recognition of her promotion and raising of awareness about mental health issues.

Nancy has been vigorous helping to raise awareness about mental health issues to the African communities in NSW. In March 2019, she appeared on the SBS Radio Swahili program where she was hosted by Godde Migarano to sensitise the masses about mental health issues. She has also been a strong voice raising awareness while speaking to groups at various community events.

“This nomination comes with great humility and to say the truth lam just speechless. I pray to God to grant me strength and wisdom as l continue to speak out about mental health awareness within our community. This nomination has totally boosted my confidence and desire to continue campaigning about mental health issues.” Nancy revealed after getting the nomination news.

The annual awards are organised by Mental Health Matters in recognition of the achievements of individuals and organisations large and small that have worked to improve understanding, awareness, service provision and the general mental health of our communities in NSW over the previous year.

“Nancy has showed the confidence and authority to talk about mental health issues that some of us may shy away from. She loves to help others and to see a healthy and functioning community. We need more of such people in the African Australians community and she deserves the nomination.” Said Ronnie Kakaire the NSW State Coordinator for Celebration of African Australians.

Celebration of African Australians NSW has added Mental Health Awareness Promotion on the Awards list for 2019. The organisation will host the 2019 awards December 7 at Canada Bay Club in Five Docks NSW.

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